CRS-D: The Cochrane Register of Studies Database

1 - 2.30pm


As part of the project to provide a Cochrane Author Support Tool (CAST) the data store underlying the Cochrane Register of Studies (CRS) is being expanded and developed to include much more than references and studies. The CRS-D will be the main data store for the Future of Review Production (FORP) and this workshop will give participants an overview of how Cochrane data will be organised, how applications can interact with CRS-D, what types of records are now held in CRS-D and how they link together. This workshop is aimed at participants who want to gain an understanding of the Cochrane data architecture and how it relates to ongoing software development, as well as an opportunity to brainstorm how the new data structures might be leveraged to facilitate the development of new and innovative applications.

Target audience



Gordon Dooley; David Anstee; Ruth Foxlee

Gordon Dooley

David Anstee

Ruth Foxlee