Outcomes Important to Patients Public and Practitioners (OMIPPP)

1 - 2.30pm


  • To describe three different processes for exploring important outcomes, with three different Cochrane Review Groups.
  • To discuss the outcomes for each method used - and to reflect on the CRG experience and the utility of the exercise for systematic reviews.
  • To generally discuss the role of patient, public and practitioner views of outcomes for systematic reviews.


Short presentations about the three methods used, examples of the different types of outcomes prioritised and how they compare to those used by the review groups. Reflections of the CRGs involved, this might be in the format of a panel discussion or 'fire side chat'. Open discussion about the results and how the work might be used within Cochrane.

Target audience

Any symposium participant interested in outcomes for systematic reviews that are important to patients, the public and practitioners.


Sally Crowe, specialist in patient & public involvement in research, research priority setting, and critical appraisal skills.

Sally Crowe

Sally Crowe

Sally is a contributor to, and a facilitator of, patient and public involvement in health and social care research and services development. She has published the Patient and Public Involvement Toolkit (BMJ Wiley Blackwell). She co-chaired the James Lind Alliance (JLA), a national coalition tackling treatment uncertainties in health care, from 2007 – 2013 and is currently supporting a JLA Priority Setting Partnership in Early Osteoarthritis of Hip and Knee. She supports the International Pelvic Pain Partnership, a group of patient organisations striving for better treatments and more relevant research in chronic pelvic pain. Sally is public representative on the NIHR Systematic Review Programme Board, and the Medical Research Council Ethics Regulation and Public Involvement Committee.

Sally is involved in the Cochrane Prioritisation Methods Group, with a particular interest in stakeholder engagement, and an active member of the Cochrane Consumer Network. She is a member of the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) which helps people to make sense of, and use systematic reviews in their work.