Core outcome measures for randomised controlled trials and Cochrane reviews

2:45pm - 4:15pm


Ill health and treatments can affect people in different ways, making it difficult to select the most appropriate outcomes for research. The development of standardised core outcome sets for all trials of effectiveness in a particular condition would make this easier.


This workshop will comprise a mixture of presentations and participant discussion. A presentation will set the scene for several key issues and the participants will then be given specific Cochrane reviews to look at. They will work in groups to identify examples of non-standardised selection, measurement and reporting of outcomes, and to discuss problems this may cause for authors of systematic reviews. Subsequent presentations and group discussion will focus on existing work to design core outcome sets for clinical trials, and to identify outcomes of most importance to patients, families and carers. Participants will discuss how similar research could identify appropriate outcomes for Cochrane reviews, and how core outcome sets can be used to help authors present their findings clearly and succinctly, such as within the Summary of Findings table.

Target audience

The workshop is open to anyone, but likely to be more suitable for junior researchers, who would like to learn how to suggest research topics to NIHR and understand the process that leads to the advertising of these.


Liz Gargon, Paula Williamson

Liz Gargon

Paula Williamson