Focused Updates: fast, user-friendly, up-to-date evidence

2.45 - 4.15pm


To share experiences of the Focused Updates proof-of-concept project , and report on progress of the Focused Updates pilot - a project that has recently had funding approved from the Cochrane Collaboration Steering group. A detailed description of the project is below. In brief, the project aims to: (A) find out how decision-makers use Cochrane evidence, and how they believe Cochrane could improve outputs to better meet decision-makers’ needs; (B) together with four Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs), produce 16 Focused Updates to assess their feasibility; and (C) assess the acceptability of the process of producing Focused Updates through detailed follow-up with the participating CRGs, and other Cochrane members. The pilot is due to start in January 2015. Focused Updates are short and rapid updates of Cochrane Reviews that keep the methodological rigour of the original review.

Target audience

Those involved in producing Cochrane Reviews


Dr Karla Soares-Weiser, Managing Director of Enhance Reviews (, an independent company that performs systematic reviews and has a close working relationship with many CRGs; Rachel Marshall, Editor at the Cochrane Editorial Unit; Rachel Churchill, co-ordinating Editor at the Cochrane Depression Anxiety and Neurosis Group; Charlotte Pestridge, Chief Executive Officer of Cochrane Innovations.

Hugh Maguire

Rachel Churchill

Charlotte Pestridge