Altmetric Masterclass: who’s talking about Cochrane reviews?

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Altmetric is a data science company that tracks and aggregates online mentions of scholarly literature in non-traditional sources, including policy documents, mainstream news, Wikipedia, social media, and more. Since 2013, Altmetric has partnered with the Cochrane Library to provide insights into the online attention surrounding Cochrane reviews.

In this masterclass, we’ll give you a primer on Altmetric and explain how the underlying technology works, with a particular focus on how mentions of Cochrane reviews are mined from policy documents, social media, and other sources. We’ll provide some tips on how to find, interpret, and report on the data, while also outlining possible applications in discovery. We’ll also describe plans for further collaboration between Altmetric and the Cochrane Library.

Finally, we’ll hold a Q&A session so you can ask any questions you may have about altmetrics and how the Cochrane Library is using them.

You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of the strengths and limitations of altmetrics data, along with valuable advice about how to use the data when reporting on impact.

Target audience

All symposium attendees are encouraged to attend.

The session’s content may be of particular interest to Cochrane authors who are interested in tracking the online conversation around their reviews, and to members of Review Groups who are expected to demonstrate the impact of reviews in annual reports to funders.


Jean Liu is the Product Development Manager for Altmetric. She initially joined Altmetric in 2012 as their Data Curator and Blog Editor. She is a pharmacologist by training, and was previously a researcher in chronic pain.

Other presenters from Cochrane/Wiley will be confirmed at a later date.