Twitter Guidelines

We encourage live tweeting at the Symposium, please use #CochraneAdvocate in your Symposium tweets and there will be dedicated tweeters in each plenary and workshop, for you to respond to.

We have a handy checklist for tweeting at an event:

Have you?

(Click here to read our blog about the check list)

Hashtag – for the event
Attribution – have you made it clear whether you are quoting and whom? #CochraneAdvocate
Varied – mix up your tweets, with mood tweets, information, big ideas, challenges (your own or the speaker’s), photos etc.
Engaging – is it? Tweet things people will relate to, think about the language you use, keep your followers in mind. Good speakers often hand you great, tweetable soundbites
You – Don’t be afraid to show that you are a real person! Sometimes comment on what you hear. This could also stand for Your organization; share your organization’s values and interests through what and how you tweet
Others  - consider adding Twitter handles to target your tweets
Useful  - does it add value? Remember to include links etc., where appropriate. Being useful makes it more likely that you’ll be retweeted and people will be keen to follow you.

The UKCC official twitter handle is: 


The UKCC Team will also be tweeting from: